Can polymer gels be used to deliver drugs?

Biosyntech of Canada released results in December 2000 about its injectable hydrogel for the delivery of therapeutics. The company claims this hydrogel can deliver small molecules, peptides, and macromolecules like recombinant proteins. They had positive results that there was no toxicity in preclinical safety and evaluation studies.

The gel is a polymer made be deacylated chitin (shell of bugs). It is liquid at room temperature but forms a gel at body temperature. The developers were interested in the release rate, especially with the charge of the therapeutic agent that it carried. The company used scanning EM to determine the gel had a highly porous structure.

Biosyntech filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by Piramal in 2010.

Bradley, David. “Polymer gel passes safety tests, and is set to deliver drugs.” Pharmaceutical science & technology today 3.12 (2000): 402.

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